Concert and Festival Outfits - 5 Golden Tendencies for 2022

Having our eyes wide open allowed us to spot some of what we think will be the best outfit trends for 2022 - concert/festival edition!
We gathered some inspiration and assembled it here, and we suggest you some of the best jewelry to pair it. The outfits we show here are posted on some influencers and celebrities' Instagram feeds.

1. Matching Sets

We have seen patters, color block, glitters: a bit of everything. The combination also goes freestyle when it comes to the type of clothes: either trousers with top, long sleeves with shirt, crop top with mini skirt or shorts. It all somehow works magically to give you the concert vibe you're looking for.
Playing with jewelry here is crucial because it will connect all elements into a seamless combination. For this tip we collected some inspiration looks from Kendall Jenner, Camila Coelho, Winnie Harlow and Jasmine Tookes:


2. Crochet

Another big tendency for festivals and concerts in 2022 is undoubtedly crochet. We're showing here Maria Pombo with a very interesting pair of crochet trousers and Michelle Salas with a cute patterned crop top.


3. Corsets

Corsets are a major trend this year, not only in festivals and concerts, but also in street style. There is a variety of shapes, colors and fabrics which makes them a versatile item to combine with different types of outfits. We suggest different sets of jewelry for different looks as well and this time we have Jourdane Sloane, Lizeth Selene, Aimee Song and Bella Hadid on the spotlight.


4. Bucket Hats

You've been seeing them too right? The bucket hat fever started a few months ago and they've proved to be a strong asset during the festival season. Ester Exposito and Hailey Bieber already have theirs:


5. Colorful & Glittery Makeup

The HBO series Euphoria is probably the responsible for this major trend in make up this year. Dreamy tones with super pigmented eyeshadows and a good dose of glitter are the key ingredients for this year's festival looks. These examples from Dua Lipa, Jihoon Kim, Chiara Ferragni and Flex Mami are a great inspirational source for your next concert makeup.


Were you having a don't-know-what-to-dress moment? We hope we helped you find the way and shredded some light into your creative mind. Anything missing?...


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