Frida Aasen's golden choices

The Angel is flying in gold!

Frida Aasen is shinning and slaying! The Victoria's Secret model causes a stir everywhere she passes by. We've been keeping her under close attention and what we can tell you is… Hey Harper jewelry is now part of her everyday must-haves!
Of course we're gonna tell you one by one all the jewelry pieces we've spotted – we don't want you to be missing this juice, ha!

We're not gonna lie, we were really curious to see how the barbie looking model would look with our jewelry on, and she didn't disappoint. Her effortless but delicate style totally matched the golden vibe.


From the red carpet to the street style, Frida Aasen maintains her essence and glow in a very seamless way.

The cherry on top of the cake
The key item that sparked our interest on her look was definitely the Boss Babe Necklace, a chain necklace with a pendant.
This elegant piece brings the harmony into the whole necklaces' stack.

On Set

This is just the inspiration we needed for a weekend of glamour!

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