3 facts about Ida Zeile jewelry styling

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We asked Ida Zeile 3 essential questions about how she likes to style her jewelry and her personal favorites. Now, we're obviously sharing everything with you.

1. Regarding jewelry, what are your go-to pieces?

Taking a look at Ida's Instagram, we're able to spot her wearing necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets. But her answer here was very straight forward regarding her priorities when accessorizing: necklaces and earrings are the main ones for her.
Ida Zeile has a very personal way to combine both earrings and necklaces. Grab your pen and notebook and take notes:

Sold out

Sold out

Sold out

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2. Gold or Silver?

If you don't already know the answer to this one, then you were really not paying attention. Ida stands for golden jewelry.
Hey Harper comes up just so conveniently: it's the golden option for those who prefer to have a wider selection of jewelry without compromising quality. Waterproof and now with a lifetime color warranty, it's the best deal with an affordable price.

3. Do you prefer plain jewelry or something with crystals and color?

Now it's your turn to guess.
Hard one, right?
Even though Ida Zeile has been seen wearing some items with crystals, she states she's more of a plain jewelry person.
The flat chains and simple earrings can be combined in multiple ways and paired with a hair down style, a ponytail, a more casual look or a ready-to-go-out outfit!

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