Negin Mirsalehi's latest jewelry trends

Get to know her go-to ring and bracelet

Ring ring! 💍

In case you were wondering what's the shinny ring the famous influencer who founded Gisou has been wearing, you just came to the right place.
Simple, yet classy and elegant, this ring brings the sparkle that was missing to a minimalistic outfit.
We put together all these clear crystals on a stainless steel golden PVD based ring as a promise to elevate your jewelry game!

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The colorful tennis bracelet that everyone is obsessed with!

Negin Mirsalehi is being spotted wearing this bracelet quite often stacked with her Cartier ones.

You would be surprised: either with a fancy dress and high heels ready for a night out downtown or with a wavy hair and salty skin by the beach - this sparkly tennis bracelet always fits the moment.

A picture of her instagram stories where she wears a multicolor tennis bracelet.

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Honey, do it!

Envying Negin's immaculate and classy look? Say no more. Sometimes all you need is to let your hair down, to put on your favorite clothes and (here's where we come!) to complement it with some jewelry that enhances your personality.

Honey, do it!

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