Iris Earrings Set

€172,99 €304,00

This set is part of our PRIDE MONTH Collection.

It includes:
  • 2 Golden Hoops
  • 8 pairs of the different Iris pendants

With the same hoops you'll be able to switch the color of the pendants to match your mood.

The Iris Earrings were inspired by the rainbow and love. Every heart was created in each of the rainbow colors and each color has its own meaning.

5€ will be donated to the Nina West Foundation with every purchased piece.
Pierced earrings and pendants are non-returnable for reasons of safety and hygiene.


LIFE - Red is the first colored arc of the rainbow with the longest wavelength. This arc represents wisdom and energy.
 HEALING - - Orange is the second colored arc of the rainbow. This arc is a mix of the colors before and after - red and yellow. In a rainbow, orange represents creativity and the ability to enjoy oneself. Orange radiates warmth and is associated with joy and happiness, making it the best color for healing. In fact: even oranges that are packed with Vitamin C - the powerful antioxidant - are known to heal and fight free radicals to boost immunity.
SUNLIGHT - Yellow is the third colored arc of the rainbow. This arc is associated with Archangel Jophiel which represents the brilliance of wisdom and thoughts. Within the chakra system, the yellow arc corresponds to the Manipura chakra which is the seat of man’s ego and personal power similar to how the sun feeds the earth.
NATURE - Green, the color of life, renewal, nature, and energy, is associated with meanings of growth, harmony, freshness, safety, fertility, and environment. Green is also traditionally associated with money, finances, banking, ambition, greed, jealousy, and wall street.
MAGIC - Blue is the fifth colored arc of the rainbow. This arc is associated with Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael is the leader of all the archangels and represents spirituality. Within the rainbow, the blue represents connection to water and the spirit world. Within the chakra system, the blue arc represents Vishudda which is the throat chakra and the ability to communicate with purity.
SERENITY - Dark blue is the sixth colored arc of the rainbow. Blue is a serene and calming color that represents intelligence and responsibility. Blue is cool and relaxing.
SPIRIT - Purple is a mix of red and blue. It is considered the highest element of spirituality. It can ignite one’s imagination and be an inspiration to artists. Dark tones of violet are associated with sorrow. Deeper shades of violet or purple denote high spiritual mastery.
SEX - The color pink represents romance and charm. Hot pink is used to communicate playfulness, while light pink is used to communicate tenderness.


Our Jewelry is Waterproof, so do your daily routine without having to take it off!
Shower with them or take a swim
Apply any type of lotion from moisturiser to sunscreen
Use perfume with them
Shine, while exercising
Stay sanitised and clean
Take care of yourself ❤


Composition: Metal: Stainless Steel; Coating: 14k golden colour PVD

Measurements: Outside diameter: 8 mm/ .31'' ; Thickness: 1.6 mm/ .06''

Pendant - Length: 9 mm/ .35'' ; Width: 6 mm/ .24''


When we say our jewelry is waterproof, we mean it.
So, if your pieces lose the colour within one year we will immediately replace them at no cost to yourself.

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