The Triple Hoops Silver Set

€75,99 €89,00
The Triple Hoops Set: 3 pairs - 1 Pair of Mini Hoops + 1 Pair of Small Hoops + 1 Pair of Medium Hoops


Composition: Metal: Stainless Steel


  • Mini Hoops - Diameter: 1,4cm/0.55'' Thickness: 2.1mm/ 0.08''
  • Small Hoops - Diameter: 1.7cm/ 0.67''; Thickness: 2.1mm/ 0.08''
  • Medium Hoops - Diameter: 1.9 cm / 0.74''; Thickness: 2.1 mm / .08''


When we say our jewelry is waterproof, we mean it.
So, if your pieces lose the colour within one year we will immediately replace them at no cost to yourself.


Our Jewelry is Waterproof, so do your daily routine without having to take it off!
Shower with them or take a swim
Apply any type of lotion from moisturiser to sunscreen
Use perfume with them
Shine, while exercising
Stay sanitised and clean
Take care of yourself ❤


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