The magic happened on the past July 29th of 2022.

A charming and bougee dinner was hosted by Hey Harper, and it was a private and intimate invitation-only event.

The whole set of decoration, landscape, food and the beautiful guests contributed to an aesthetic worth seeing.
Have a look:

This event took place at the Maya Beach Resort, in the Amalfi Coast. The menu was created by a Michelin Star Chef who offered a refined set of sushi that delighted our guests.

Among our guests, you could spot some famous Influencer faces, such as Maja Malnar, Montana Brown, Sofia Coelho, Hanna Schönberg, Aisha Potter, Maria Chervotkina, Juliana Nalú, Jamilla Strand, Abigail Goddard, Tara Martin, Ming Savannah Nembhard, Chiara Sampaio, Johanna Olsson, Zara Zoffany and Greta Sam.

They had the chance to try several Hey Harper jewelry items and were spoiled with a personal press kit. "The evening was a success, full of good food, good music, amazing people and a gold sparkle that only Hey Harper can offer!" said our CEO, Catarina Oliveira, who was hosting this unforgettable evening.