You Need Hey Harper In Your Life

Here Are 5 Amazing Reasons Why Hey Harper Is My Favorite Jewelry Brand

1. All Of Their Jewelry is 100% WATERPROOF

Before discovering Hey Harper, I was so sick of my jewelry losing it's color after only a couple of wears. Hey Harper pieces are 100% waterproof, meaning the color never fades.

I have been wearing my jewelry swimming, showering & washing my hands for months and the color is still as golden and shiny as when I first got them!


2. Their Pieces Are Amazing Quality, At A Fair Price

Hey Harper taught me that jewelry doesn't need to be gold or expensive to be long lasting. People even mistake my Hey Harper pieces as real gold because the quality is so good!

At Hey Harper, quality is not a luxury, but a standard. Now you can buy beautiful jewelry that lasts, at prices that won't break the bank!

3. They Release Gorgeous New Pieces Every Week

I love to switch up my stacks to match my mood and outfit. Hey Harper release beautiful new designs every Tuesday, from crystals to bold colorful pieces!

So whether I want to keep it classic, or make a statement, Hey Harper have lots of gorgeous styles to add to my jewelry box!

4. You Can Work Out in Style - It's SWEAT-PROOF

I feel most confident when I'm wearing my favorite jewelry and with Hey Harper, I never have to take it off! Their pieces are designed to resist high-intensity workouts.

So whether I'm at the gym or dancing all night in the club, I don't have to worry about my jewelry being damaged from breaking a sweat.

5. Their Customer Service Is On Point

If you're anything like me you can't wait for the postman as soon as you click order. Hey Harper offer fast & secure shipping, free exchanges, and super cute packaging to store your pieces!

Not only that, they are so confident in the quality of their jewelry that they offer a Lifetime Color Warranty!